Getting Out of Auto

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Improving your photography is a constant learning process. Chances are, even your favorite photographers are constantly pushing themselves to get grow artistically and improve at their craft. It’s that desire to improve that makes the best photographers stand out among the rest.

Getting Out of Auto is written by Bethany Salvon who, besides having her BFA in photography, along with a nearly decade long career as a professional photographer, also blogs at the always entertaining

Getting Out of Auto is geared towards the relative beginner to a DSLR camera, as well as those who want to get the most out of their point-and-shoot consumer brand cameras. With simple explanations for everything important you need to know, you can break free from the auto settings on your camera and truly learn how to get the most out of your camera.

What people are saying:

“This is the book I wish I had read when I first got serious about photography.”
Wes Nations of

“Beth has created what might be the best introduction to photography guide I’ve read: Getting Out of Auto. If you have a camera, especially an SLR, and you are shooting in automatic mode (aka “P” for programmed), then this is the book for you.
It is a better reference than anything I’ve found browsing at Barnes & Noble and at $9.99 it is also cheaper than any other introductory book you can find. I keep a copy of the ebook on my iPad just so I can show others.”
Gary Arndt of

“My favorite section would be two where Bethany gives the low-down on all the composition and artistic techniques she uses to make some of those unforgettable images pasted on her blog. With this ebook, you can actually be armed with the knowledge of how someone would take a normal shot and turn it into art.”
Brooke Schoenman of

“I just got a copy of your ebook and I must thank you for putting this together. It is just what a ‘constantly in auto mode’ person like me needs to get a handle on creative photography and making the most of my camera.”
Mark Granelli – A new photographer who recently purchased the book.

Table of Contents:


Introducing your new best friends:
Aperture – Taking the F word out of F-stop
Shutter Speed – The curtains on your camera
ISO – The cornerstone of any great friendship
Exposure Made Easy
A simple analogy guaranteed to make it all click.


Rule of Thirds
Additional Techniques
Artistic Techniques
Depth of Field
The Power of the Self Timer


White Balance
In Camera Metering
Shooting in Sunlight
Shooting into the sun Sun Flare Fill Flash Silhouettes
Avoiding Sun – Get some Shade!
Shooting on Stormy, Cloudy Days
Using the Elements
Staying Indoors
Color vs. Black & White
Alternate Light


Avoiding Camera Shake
How to Shoot Food
How to Shoot HDR Photos
Raw vs. JPEG


BW as a way to study light, shadow and composition
Paper Cut Out Composition Extraordinaire
The Power of the Crop
The Amazing L’s


Exposure Cheat Sheet
Composition Cut Out
Cropping Cut Out

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